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Whatever life brings your way, we want you to feel confident that your family and your home are protected. Personal insurance lines are types of insurance that you purchase to protect your family from risks that could create a financial loss.

No matter how careful you are, it is still possible that you could experience an expensive and unavoidable problem. Some examples include accidents, natural disasters, fire, property damage, illness, or death. Often, the expenses resulting from these problems are high enough that you can’t cover them on your own. That’s where we come in.

We offer personal insurance from a number of sellers that can cover almost any scenario. Our products will help you feel safe and secure. How do we know? Because we use them too.

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Types of Personal Insurance

  • ATV Insurance

  • Auto Insurance

  • Boat & Marine Insurance

  • Collector Car Insurance

  • Condominium Insurance

  • Flood Insurance

  • High Net Worth Coverage

  • Homeowners Insurance

  • Motor Home / RV Insurance

  • Motorcycle Insurance

  • Personal Umbrella Insurance

  • Affordable Care Act

  • Personal Watercraft Insurance

  • Rental Property Insurance

  • Renters Insurance

  • Valuable Items Insurance

  • Individual Life Insurance

  • Individual & Family Health Insurance

  • Individual Dental Insurance

  • Individual Disability Insurance

  • Individual Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance

  • Individual Vision Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re asking all the right questions.
These important FAQs will help you make an informed decision regarding your personal insurance purchase.

Semel Risk Consultants understands how important it is to deliver quality personal insurance coverage at affordable rates. You work hard for your money, and you take care to develop safe habits to protect your family and property. That’s why, at Semel, we are always looking for ways to lower your insurance rates. If you are a careful homeowner, driver, family member, or worker, we will input all of those factors into our risk assessment tool in order to negotiate the best possible price for your insurance coverage.

The best way to bring down your insurance premiums is to reduce your risk factors. There is an infinite number of ways to do this, but here are some examples:

  • Keep a clean driving record.
  •  Take a defensive driving course.
  •  Choose a car with high safety ratings.
  •  Keep smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home.
  •  Use a burglar alarm.
  •  Improve your credit rating.
  •  Raise your deductibles.
  •  Quit smoking.
  •  Maintain a healthy weight.
  •  Stay away from risky hobbies.

If you need more ideas, give us a call! We’ll be happy to discuss your personal situation with you.

After an accident, property damage, or any kind of loss, it is important to call your Semel agent as soon as possible. Our existing clients can reach us 24/7 by phone or email.

Semel Risk Consultants offers many different discounts to help you save on your auto insurance. Discounts are available for:

  • Select professional groups (doctors, nurses, dentists, teachers, police, firefighters, and others).
  • Customers who combine auto and homeowners insurance.
  • Teenagers whose parents have clean driving records.
  • Drivers of cars with specific safety features.
  • Drivers who insure multiple cars.
  • And more!

Contact your agent for more details.

Log in to CSR24 and pull up your account to print your insurance card or contact our office.

Yes, some of our auto insurance products do come with accident forgiveness. Call us so that we can go over all of your options.

If you purchase traditional whole life insurance, your premium payments will stay the same for as long as the insured individual is alive. Some whole life policies allow you to pay your premiums on a different schedule, however. For example, you might choose to pay in one installment, or for a shorter period such as 25 years or until age 65. Contact us to discuss all of your options.

No. Your premiums are guaranteed to stay the same for the entire term of your policy. Your premiums depend on your age at the time of purchase, and on the length of your term policy. This is why we recommend purchasing life insurance while you are relatively young.

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