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How Much Personal Auto Insurance Do I Really Need?

How much personal auto insurance do I really need? That’s a question we heard recently from a new client. And since we love opportunities to share our knowledge, we thought we’d answer it in a blog post. (We’ll cover commercial auto insurance soon too!) There are several different types of coverage that your personal auto insurance policy might include. The amount you purchase will depend on a few factors, so you should really discuss your personal circumstances with your broker. But we can give you a general idea of what is available and how much you might want to buy. [...]

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Homeowners Insurance: Are You Properly Covered?

Your home is your greatest asset so homeowners insurance needs to be a top priority. If you were to experience a fire, flood, break-in, or natural disaster, you’d want to know that your insurance policy had you covered. Unfortunately, too many Americans are underinsured on their homes. To avoid this devastating scenario, be sure to ask your agent these four questions. 1. Will My Insurance Policy Rebuild My Home? When you buy a home, your mortgage lender will require you purchase a certain amount of homeowners insurance. However, this amount is not always enough to rebuild. Be sure that your [...]

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