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Employment Practices Liability Insurance: How to Reduce Your Risk of a Claim No ratings yet.

You’ve started a new business. Congratulations! You've gotten through the nitty-gritty details of securing a workplace. Now it’s time for the fun part. Hiring employees. You put an ad online detailing all the qualifications you’d like to see in your ideal candidate. Soon, the resumes start rolling in. That’s the moment you put yourself at risk of an employment liability claim. Say you choose not to interview a particular applicant. Or perhaps you do conduct an interview but choose not to hire that person. They could claim discrimination. Let’s say you do hire them, but later fire them. You might [...]

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Association Health Plans and Your Company No ratings yet.

If your company is a member of your local chamber of commerce or another professional association, you’ve probably heard a lot of chatter recently about association health plans. But what are they, and how can they benefit you and your staff? Association Health Plans, Explained Simply put, association health plans (AHPs) are group health plans that allow many small employers to band together to offer health coverage to all of their employees. This means that small businesses, and even people who are self-employed with no employees, can purchase insurance as part of a larger group. If you own a small [...]

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Your Open Enrollment Cheat Sheet No ratings yet.

Open enrollment is almost here! We know that your employees will have questions, even after your open enrollment meetings with your insurance agent. So we’ve prepared answers to some of the most common questions we receive. What Is Open Enrollment? It’s the time period during which you may enroll in or change your health insurance plan. If you’re eligible for the insurance plan, and you sign up during open enrollment, they have to cover you. When Is the OE Period? In most states, including Nevada, open enrollment for 2019 health plans is from November 1-December 15. Some states have extended [...]

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